Thomas Edison

He has a key role in this story, as often happens among opponents, he wants money, wants to be famous and want to use technology to its success, it is not a real inventor, but has many henchmen who build machinery so now, thanks to the invention of Tesla, he can try to achieve his evil purposes

Saint Germain

Alchemist and enigmatic character, calling itself the “Millennium Earl,” he is looking for a way to become immortal and powerful, and blends his knowledge of alchemy with the invention of Tesla to create all sorts of abomination and with the ‘fixed lens to create the Philosopher’s Stone

Artur Conan Doyle

Depressed writer, has always wanted to be “bad”, he identified himself in Moriarty, does everything to be like him … Edison offers to use the machine tesla to fulfill his wish, and so ‘soon finds himself to be the right hand of Edison


Intrigued by the powers of the machine Tesla, the enigmatic dark priest willingly joins in Edison, by providing its service a powerful arsenal of curses and dark creatures, its powers, first limited to a few curse, are incremented by ¬†Tesla’s machine.