Nikola Tesla

The protagonist, and ‘a young inventor, impractical in the world, but determined to set things right, has at its disposal, to compensate for the physical is not just an athlete, a vast arsenal of weapons and gadgets to improve its ability ‘, all stuff of his own invention.

Howard Phillips Lovecraft

Friend of Tesla, and ‘a detective of the occult (which was inspired to write) whose equipment is often provided by Tesla, when he asks, he can not ‘say no.

Edgar Allan Poe

Lovecraft’s friend, is called to give a hand to the group, is the most ‘introvert of the group, and’ always with his mind elsewhere.

Ada Lovelace

Colleague and friend of Tesla, worked a couple of times on some projects, and it ‘was often fascinated by the Tesla’s Work. Joins the group ’cause he hates to see the technology used for evil purposes.