Dev Diary: poetry, debugging and crowdfunding


If you are following us on Facebook and/or Twitter you probably heard that we will soon launch a crowdfunding campaign on Eppela the to fund the release of the game.

In the meanwhile, we kept ourselves pretty busy showing The Steampunk League beta around many fairs, and preparing for landing on Steam with a proper store page.

Furthermore, the following list summarize the last news on the development:

  • tweaked Poe’s weapons and implemented Glide ability;
  • shortened the enemies reaction time to the characters’ presence;
  • new maps in production for the Survival mode;
  • new features for weapons crafting;
  • finally completed the final boss battle;
  • solved some bugs related to the drag command;
  • solved some other bugs related to the characters’ respawn.

The Steampunk League crowdfunding campaign will be launched on October 15th.

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