Dev Diary: big weapons, bigger enemies


You, Sir or Lady, may wonder what lurks inside our steam-powered PCs and Macs.


This list (published a couple of days ago on our Steam Greenlight page) summarize our last updates on The Steampunk League:

  • completely rewrote the melee battle system for Lovecraft and tweaked his attacks;
  • weapon upgrades finally implemented;
  • completed a new boss battle (!);
  • new sounds for the HUD;
  • swapped the primary weapons of Poe with the secondary to make the game more dynamic;
  • implemented altered states for enemies (fire, frost, shock and so on);
  • finished working on the boss battle maps.

Also: we are working hard on polishing our maps and the HUD.

Stay tuned for further updates (did anyone said “crowdfunding incoming“?)

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