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Dev Diary: big weapons, bigger enemies

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You, Sir or Lady, may wonder what lurks inside our steam-powered PCs and Macs.


This list (published a couple of days ago on our Steam Greenlight page) summarize our last updates on The Steampunk League:

  • completely rewrote the melee battle system for Lovecraft and tweaked his attacks;
  • weapon upgrades finally implemented;
  • completed a new boss battle (!);
  • new sounds for the HUD;
  • swapped the primary weapons of Poe with the secondary to make the game more dynamic;
  • implemented altered states for enemies (fire, frost, shock and so on);
  • finished working on the boss battle maps.

Also: we are working hard on polishing our maps and the HUD.

Stay tuned for further updates (did anyone said “crowdfunding incoming“?)


DiXidiasoft @ San Marino Comics & Comicspopoli

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We left our blog abandoned but our project has never stopped. The Steampunk League and the wonders of electricity are ready to be shown around Italian fairs.

Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th August DiXidiasoft will be present during the Steampunk Festival held during the San Marino Comics fair. We will also be guest at the booth at the Comicspopoli fair on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th September.

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