In a world where technology is dominated by steam power, the rich and famous inventor Nikola Tesla is about to change everything with a new brilliant invention. But he underestimated the competition: his bitter rival, the entrepreneur Thomas Edison, attacks Tesla’s villa with an army of robots and outlaws  to steal the invention and destroy everything else.

Join the League formed by Tesla and his famous friends, fight Edison’s comrades and chase him through the world before he turns the invention in a weapon of mass destruction.

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Ruthless Enemies

July 31, 2015


Historical Characters

July 21, 2015



July 21, 2015


A steampunk war

July 21, 2015



July 21, 2015

8000 times thanks

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We made it! The crowdfunding campaign through Eppela reached the objective and The Steampunk League had been tato funded!

Our sincere thanks to everyone who made this possible: without you, Tesla and his companion will be finally able to buy some coal and make Mr. Pigeon (his airship) fly. Also, we will be able to complete the game and make this adventure real. Special thanks go to PostepayCrowd, which co-founded 50% of our project.

Soon everyone who pledged to receive access to the beta of the game will receive a Steam key. For everyone else the appointment is on the release of the game, but keep following us to be updated on the development!


Dev Diary: poetry, debugging and crowdfunding

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If you are following us on Facebook and/or Twitter you probably heard that we will soon launch a crowdfunding campaign on Eppela the to fund the release of the game.

In the meanwhile, we kept ourselves pretty busy showing The Steampunk League beta around many fairs, and preparing for landing on Steam with a proper store page.

Furthermore, the following list summarize the last news on the development:

  • tweaked Poe’s weapons and implemented Glide ability;
  • shortened the enemies reaction time to the characters’ presence;
  • new maps in production for the Survival mode;
  • new features for weapons crafting;
  • finally completed the final boss battle;
  • solved some bugs related to the drag command;
  • solved some other bugs related to the characters’ respawn.

The Steampunk League crowdfunding campaign will be launched on October 15th.


Dev Diary: big weapons, bigger enemies

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You, Sir or Lady, may wonder what lurks inside our steam-powered PCs and Macs.


This list (published a couple of days ago on our Steam Greenlight page) summarize our last updates on The Steampunk League:

  • completely rewrote the melee battle system for Lovecraft and tweaked his attacks;
  • weapon upgrades finally implemented;
  • completed a new boss battle (!);
  • new sounds for the HUD;
  • swapped the primary weapons of Poe with the secondary to make the game more dynamic;
  • implemented altered states for enemies (fire, frost, shock and so on);
  • finished working on the boss battle maps.

Also: we are working hard on polishing our maps and the HUD.

Stay tuned for further updates (did anyone said “crowdfunding incoming“?)


DiXidiasoft @ San Marino Comics & Comicspopoli

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We left our blog abandoned but our project has never stopped. The Steampunk League and the wonders of electricity are ready to be shown around Italian fairs.

Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th August DiXidiasoft will be present during the Steampunk Festival held during the San Marino Comics fair. We will also be guest at the booth at the Comicspopoli fair on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th September.

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DiXidiasoft to Fantaexpo

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The Dixidiasoft will be present at Expo Fanta Salerno days 5 and 6 September to present The Steampunk League, do not miss the chance to see the new Trailer of The Steampunk League will answer questions from the boys and we will do a workshop on Game Desine in association with Iudav.

Walter Cossu

Walter Cossu

Project Manager, Lead Developer

Born with a joypad in hand, founds the team with Francesco Abbonizio in 2007. He developed all the organization of the web department and works as Game Designer.
He developed tens of mobile game and His ability to talk to people is the glue of the team , coupled with his technical knowledge, make that the discussions will always bring out the best and the mental health team and the quality of the game itself.

Luca Pierabella

Luca Pierabella

Technical Artist, GUI Developer

Luca is an enthusiast Technical Artist and Dixidiasoft associate. He studied at the Big Rock Center in 2009, mastering his CG skills. After this, he worked for multiple studio like freelance and at the same time he take a degree in Computer Science with a thesis about shading languages in Unity.
In addition to having an inclination maniac at work , some would say almost ill, is the bridge between the art department and that of programmers devoting so what are the more technical aspects of computer graphics.

Francesco Abbonizio

Francesco Abbonizio

Art Director,Environment Artist

He is the environment guy, his all-time-passion is to build worlds and give them life. He has also weakness for massive and epic structures. Has a degree in games production and a master degree in other nerdy stuff, and people say that he is insanely fast in doing work, but that’s probably what the government wants people to believe.